Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Best 9mms Under $650

I copied the following from Bestnines.com

These are what they think are the best 9mm under $650 (price updated for inflation)

1. CZ 75b:
What a shooter. Nice trigger. Never a jam! Over 10,000 rounds and still going strong. The CZ 75b gets better the more you shoot it. After the first 1,000 rounds, it performs like a tuned competition pistol. The accuracy is amazing. Even die hard revolver guys shoot good with this gun. It points like a M1911 and handles like a Hi-Power. If you spend some time shooting the 75b, you will fall in love with it too. I don't think you can do better for under $900. Ditto for the CZ 85b. CZ Site CZ USA CZ 75b Review

2. FN Herstal FNP-9:
Made in USA! The finish and quality of the FN FNP-9 is very good. If you are a Sig pistol fan, you will like this gun. The FNP-9 handles like a P229, only lighter weight. Out to 15 yards, the FNP-9 is very accurate. It has one of the best triggers you will find on a carry pistol. A nice feature for those with small or large hands is you can swap out backstraps. Good gun for your lady. I like the standard DA/SA with no goofy trigger saftey. Feeds any 9mm ammo great, including the greasy Russian stuff. The FNP-9 is one of the best holster guns you can get. Three 16 round mags included! Cops should love this gun. It's a keeper! Same for the Browning Pro.
FNH USA Site FNP-9 Review FNP-9 Article

3. Baby Eagle 9915R:
The MRI Baby Eagle is all steel with a 4.52" barrel. Handles just like the CZ 75, but more solid. Very good shooter with a strong heavy feel to it. About 500 rounds for break-in. I love shooting this baby. The good trigger and solid feel makes this the ultimate double-tap pistol. It is as close to the perfect shooter as you can get. The MRI Baby Eagle is a good choice for combat competition. I would have ranked it above the CZ if the exterior finish was better. Overall quality is great. The Baby Eagle is built to last a lifetime. The Isralies sure know how to make fine firearms. Also known as the Jericho 941.
MRI Site Baby Eagle Review (.40 & .45)

4. Beretta 92FS (M9
Great performance on the range. This is a man's pistol. A true warrior that replaced the 45 ACP 1911 service pistol. The Beretta M9-A1 (or 92FS) is the most tested pistol since the M1911-A1. Used by the U.S. Military and thousands of poilce officers. Beretta 92 pistols with over 75,000 rounds have been reported. This solid designed pistol is what replaced so many police revolvers. Nothing shoots better than a well used Beretta 92FS. Allow about 300 rounds for break-in. Good long range pistol. I can hit the 50 yard gong over and over again. Easy to find magazines and holsters for this popular gun. The Italian made ones are tight! Beretta is going to phase out the 92FS. Get one now!
Beretta Site Beretta USA Unofficial Beretta Site

5. Taurus PT92:
The stainless steel model is awesome. This Beretta 92 clone is just as good as the Beretta in every way. Taurus made some good improvements to the Beretta design. Reliably feeds every brand of 9mm ammo including Wolf and Blazers. Allow a few hundred rounds for break-in. Don't pay attention to all the disinformation from Beretta snobs. The PT92 is a very high quality piece! The only thing cheap about the Taurus PT92 is the price. The PT92 must be the best pistol bargain in the industry. Sure is pretty. Same goes for the PT99 with rail. Also see the more compact PT911.
Taurus Website PT92 User Reviews

6. Springfield XD9 5":
Feels a little strange at first. After shooting a couple of magazines all was fine. It takes about 500 rounds for the trigger to smooth out. The Springfield XD has just enough weight to be a good shooter at the range or on a combat course. It points like a 1911, and hits everything you point at. Top choice for a special operations tactical pistol. Never any feeding problems. The XD9 really soaks up the felt recoil. The combination grip and trigger saftey feels more secure than other striker fired pistols. If a conservative company like Springfield is going to take a risk with a polymer pistol, it has to be well built. The 4" barrel XD9 shoots almost as good and cost about $10 less. See the 20k torture test.
Springfield Site Nice XD9 range report XD Talk.com

7. Beretta PX4:
The PX4 Storm wins the award for the most pretty pistol. Design, fit and finish is excellent. You can swap out backstraps to make it fit your hand better. It the hand, it points and feels like the perfect pistol. The bigger 92FS is a better long range shooter, but the PX4 is better for carry. Allow about 500 rounds before the trigger smoothes out. I like the common DA/SA as found on most steel guns. With the rotating barrel and poly frame, recoil is almost nothing. It kicks like a .380! My wife just loves this gun. I also had the chance to shoot a PX4 in .40 S&W, and the recoil was only a little bit more. The PX4 Storm is gaining popularity as a cop gun.
PX4 Review http://www.px4storm.com/ PX4 Range Report

8. S&W M&P:
This is no Sigma! If you like poly framed guns, this Smith is one of the best shooters. It is accurate as a steel framed pistol. The balance is perfect considering it weighs only 24oz. You can tell it will be a good shooter just by holding it in your hand. The M&P trigger pull is 5.5 pounds, but feels like 3.5. The M&P uses a trigger safety. You have a choice of 3 backstraps so you can tune it to fit your hand just right. Follow-up shots are so quick. The fit and finish is excellent. The M&P would be a top choice as a competition or police carry gun. It looks mean too. Check for rebates on this fine shooter.
S&W Site Good M&P range report mp-pistol.com

9. CZ 75 P-01:
NATO certified! The CZ 75 P-01 is one of the best carry pistols you can get. If you are a police officer looking for a duty pistol that is not plastic, you must try the P-01. The P-01 has a 3.9" barrel, decocker, and is light as many polymer handguns. At only 27.2 ounces, the alloy framed P-01 would make a nice concealed carry, or detective pistol. The trigger reach is closer than the 75b, making a good choice for smaller hands. Excellent trigger. This is the most tested military & police pistol since the Beretta M9. As a metal framed carry pistol, the P-01 is the champ. Ditto for the CZ 75 PCR. The NATO certification is a big deal, as most pistols on the market can't pass the testing!
G&A P-01 Test NATO Testing P-01 Review

10. Glock G19 & G17: Haggle Price $500-$530
I have owned the G17, but it was too big for the light weight and harder to hold on target when you pull the trigger. Others may shoot the G17 just fine. The Glock G19 shoots better at the range for me. The Glock 19 is the lightest pistol on this page. If our top 25 list was for carry guns, the Glock 19 could be the winner. The Glock has a low and strange brick feel, even though performance is very good. Glock has a reputation for durability, plus replacement parts are cheap. This is one of the most popular police carry guns. Glock does have a cult following, and ranking it #10 will upset many. If you want a Glock range champion, spend the extra money for the awesome G34. We owe Glock many thanks for giving us confidence in polymer framed pistols.
Glock Site Glock 19 Review Glock Talk

11. Sig Pro SP2022:
Sig Pro prices have come down to the point that it made our list. The quality is first rate. A cool feature is the integral fire control unit that can change the pistol from DA/SA mode to double action only. No break-in needed, as the single action trigger pull is very smooth and just over 4 pounds. You can tune it to fit your hand by swapping out grips. Accuracy is excellent and on par with the FN FNP-9. Recoil is very light. At over 30 ounces, the Sig Pro is heavy for a polymer framed pistol. In fact it weighs more than the CZ P-01 and S&W 910 metal framed pistols. The US military has already had some experience with this pistol. With a decocker and three 15 round mags, it is a good cop gun.
SigArms Site SP2022 Review